The technological principles of gas-condensate production and processing platforms

  • Le Hoan Toan
  • Hoang Thinh Nhan
  • Tran Duy Hai
  • Nguyen Minh Tam
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Gas-condensate production and processing technologies have been studied, developed and applied in many countries since the 1990s. These, however, have not been given much attention in Vietnam due to the limited production demand. Recently, the discovery and development of a number of domestic gas and gas condensate fields such as Lan Tay - Lan Do, Rong Doi, Rong Doi Tay, Hai Thach - Moc Tinh and Thien Ung have required considerable efforts to be made in terms of qualified manpower training and investment in technological research. The main facility system on offshore production platforms related to gas-condensate reservoirs consist of wellhead facilities, inlet manifold, 3-phase separator, gas dehydration system, condensate dehydration system, gas metering system, condensate metering system, pig launcher and water treatment system. Moreover, other auxiliary systems can be employed, for instance the contaminant processing system for H2S, CO2, Hg, and solids if the content of such contaminants exceed the permissible figures. Since gas processing technologies on off shore platforms heavily depend on the composition of reservoir fluids, the characteristics of the fluids obtained from gas-condensate fields will be the most crucial factor for calculating, selecting and designing suitable systems of technological facilities on these platforms.


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